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Prodigal Son Day!
September 13, 2010

I love today’s gospel! 

It speaks of God’s amazing love for us!

  It always reminds me of the fact that Jesus is constantly seeking us out. 

 He is always searching for us. 

 He is always trying to lure us back home again. 

And you know, it doesn’t always have to be about big things.

He wants every piece of our hearts.

And it is so easy to keep pieces of ourselves from him.

Have you had a change of heart lately?

Is God out looking for his little lost sheep?


Age Differences in Religious Life
September 5, 2010

So, I have a question to pose to you.

Would you enter a community where you were the youngest by 20 years?

And should it be a factor in your discernment?

God has placed this question on my heart lately.

I have felt him asking me to post my thoughts on the subject.

So, here goes:

When I was discerning religious life, i was faced with this dilemma. 

I could enter a community that had people my age or closer to my age.

Or, i could enter a community that had no one my age.

As you can guess, for those who know me, i entered a community that had no one close to my age.

As i made that decision i felt that God was asking me to put myself and my future into his hands.

i felt him tell me that i needed to TRUST that he would provide for me.

And God has definitely come through on his end of the deal.  Doesn’t he always anyway? 🙂

Although no one close to my age has entered, i am extremely happy and find my life with my sisters very fulfilling.

Age really has not been a factor in my experience of religious life.

What do you think?