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Golfing with the sisters, nephews, and Lucy
July 25, 2010

Went miniature golfing with Lucy (a perspective postulant, my nephews, and Sr. Paula and Sr. Irene).

It was a lot of fun!

Lucy got bit by lots of mesquitos.

Sr. Paula was worn out by the heat and late night hours.

Jake and Gabe climbed on all the rocks and plants and helped us all to get a hole in one!

Sr. Irene patiently put up with all of us!

It was lots of fun!


Home at Last!
July 19, 2010

I am finally back at the Motherhouse in Peoria! 

It seems like it has been forever, but it really hasn’t been at all! 

So, what has been going on in the convent these last few weeks?

 Well, vacation with the family took place.  We went to the beautiful Lake Michigan! 

I love the state of Michigan.  If you ever get a chance you have to check it out! 

Also, went on retreat!  Father Albert Haase a franciscan from the Sacred Heart Provine was the preacher of the retreat. 

He spoke with us about the truths contained in the Our Father!  It was great!

After retreat, I left for Chicago.  I was at the Catholic Theological Union for vocation director training!

It was a wonderful week!

I realized how much i don’t know and how much i have to learn!

God is good!

After CTU, I went to Champaign to help out on the Energizer retreat for the Newman students.

It was great to see them again and hear how their summers are going!

I realized how much i miss them this summer.

And, finally,  now, i’m back in Peoria hosting two women who are visiting with our community this week!

Isn’t life with God always an adventure?