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Fun at the Catechetical Conference
June 13, 2010

Sr. Linda and Sr. Jeannie

Hello There,

Guess what we have been up to?  We spent the last two days working at the diocesan Catechetical Conference!  We met Father Apostoli and John Michael Talbot!  They were great!  I love Father Apostoli!  He spoke about the Holy Spirit! He was so inspirational!  We also helped people find their conference rooms and sat in on “Epic” which is about Church History!  Lots of good stuff going on!

Tonight I am babysitting my nephews.  We went to dinner!  We went and looked at hamsters and rats at Petsmart.  And then we rented spongebob.  We are watching it now!  How exciting!




Vocation Promotion is my Life!
June 9, 2010


Vocation Promotion is my new way of life!  Do you ever find that your mind is constantly going with ideas?  My mind is going rapidly right now.  Maybe we should do this.  Maybe we should do that.  What about this?  You know I have great hope that God will provide for our future.  The life I lead as a Sister of St. Francis of the Immaculate Conception is amazing!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I believe that we give God glory every day with our lives.  I feel loved and cared for and on fire for God.  I hope that others will find this way of life just as fulfilling too!  If you have any ideas for me in terms of recruiting new member let me know!  I can use all the help i can get.