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Preparing for Jesus
December 12, 2011

This advent season I have been struck by Joseph’s role in salvation.

In some ways, i feel sorry for the man.

His life was turned upside down by the coming of Jesus into his life.

Think for a minute:

Joseph had a plan.

  1. Get married to the beautiful girl Mary down the street.
  2. Have lots of little babies with her. (wait stop, change of course, she is pregnant already, by the holy spirit.)
  3. Divorce Mary quietly so that she won’t be stoned to death or disgraced.  (wait stop, I want you to marry her and be the father of the Messiah)
  4. Get ready for the birth of the Messiah (wait, need to go to Bethlehem for a census)
  5. Check in to an inn in Bethlehem (wait, no room, mary is going into labor)
  6. Make a new beautifully carved cradle for the Messiah (wait Messiah is born in a manger)
  7. Go back to Nazareth and settle in with Jesus and Mary (wait, flee to Egypt cause of Herod)

Just a snapshot of his life.

Joseph had amazing receptivity to God’s plan for his life.

He seemed to effortlessly make the transition from my will to God’s will’s.

He allowed God to lead him to where he needed to be and what he needed to do.

Lord, help me to be receptive to your plan in my life these days!