Discernment, Change, New Life!

I would like to share with you a poem that Sr. Jacque wrote for our community this week:

Butterflies begin

not as lovely winged creatures

filled with eye catching color and graceful flight…..


butterflies begin

as simple eggs attached

to leaves for food, hatching

so it can eat and eat and eat!


butterflies begin again

as lovely little caterpillars

with stripes or patches

hinting at unseen glory to come.


butterflies begin…yet again

they eat and grow and molt their skin.

eat and grow and molt again

and again and again and again!


but is that all there is?

eating and growing and changing your skin?

certainly not! showing purpose,

butterflies know how to begin again!


butterflies turn inside out…ch

and form their skin into a pouch,

a chrysalis, wherein mystery unfolds

the secret of seeming death that holds…


Life anew in wondrous array

all is changed-the mold’s gone away-

transformed in tissue and organs and limb

detailed to delight and give glory to Him:


Our Father’s Gift and Wonderous Design

is genuinely this Butterfly soul of thine.

come forth, my sister, into Sunlight-

begin again with, perhaps, uncertain flight-

and Shine!


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